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Applying fixes to webMethods

webMethods Fixes
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Dans cet article on décrit comment appliquer les fixes de mises à jour dans une plateforme webMethods en utilisante le module Update Manager en mode commande. Le même principe s'applique lors de la mise à jour d'un composant seul  comme l' Integration Server, Broker, MWS ...


This article describes how to apply fixes to a webMethods platform by using the Update Manager in console option. The same principle to applie when updating a single component such as Integration Server, Broker, MWS ...

Update of the webMethods platform


To update webMethods components, the following elements must be prepared:

  • Software AG Update Manager installed
  • Image of webMethods fixes downloaded

Elements to be prepared

First, the Integration Server must be started and My webMethods Server must be stopped:

/<softwareag_home>/MWS/server/default/bin> ./

Then prepare the following items:



Product directory (full path)

The full path of the product installation folder

Image file name (full path)

The full path of the file from which the installation will proceed. The image path must not contain spaces.

Script file name (full path)

If the option to generate an install script is chosen, specify the full path of the script to generate.


Installing Fixes Using GUI

As stated in the prerequisite paragraph, the download of the fixed files is done using the Software AG Update Manager module. (The installation information can be found in the installation document of the development environment).

Launch the Update Manager from the Start menu

webmethods update manager

  1. Select "Install fixed from image"
  2. Fill in the webMethods installation directory.
  3. Enter the name and location of the image of the fixed webMethods.
  4. Press the "Next" button to go to the next step

webmethods update manager 2


Installing Fixes Using commandes

Aller dans le répertoire d’installation de l’UpdateManager:


Lancer la commande qui exécute l’updateManager comme suivant


Choose Next to accept the License and continue

Enter: [ N ]?N

Choose the action to launch. In our case 'Install fixed from Image'

Select the action to perform.

1) Install fixes from Software AG Empower
2) Install fixes from image
3) Create or add fixes to fix image
4) View installed fixes
5) Uninstall fixes

Enter option:  [1]?2

Specify the full path to access the product installation directory

Installation directory (full path): [/softwareag] ?/softwareag

Specify the full path of the image containing the fixed

Image file name (full path):/

To create a fixed installation script and use it in other environments, answer with Y:

Also create script (Y or N) ? N

Choose N to continue

Enter: [ N ]?N

Choose the fixed ones to install then choose Next.

The Update Manager displays the list of selected fixes. If there are other fixes links linked to or requested by a fixed already chosen, the Update Manager automatically adds it:

wm um 3

Select the fixed all the available fixed in the case of a first time. Otherwise select the fixed ones you are targeting.

Enter the fixed number to select

Enter: [ N ]? <fixe number>

Type N for Next.

Enter: [ N ]? <fixe number>
wm um 4

Choose Next. Update Manager will install the fixed and will display the complete installation list at the end.

Enter: [ N ]?N

Choose N to continue

Enter: [ N ]?N

Choose N to not use sudo

Use Sudo(/softwareag): (Y or N)?N

Choosing the Integration Server Host Machine

Integration Server Host(/softwareag):


Enter option:  [1]?2

Choose the port used by the Integration Server

Integration Server Port(/softwareag):: 5555

Enter Login and Password

Integration Server Username(/softwareag):: Administrator
Integration Server Password(/softwareag)::  manage
use SSL(/webmethods/softwareag): (Y or N): [N]?n

Choose N to continue

Enter: [ N ]?N

Installation completed. Choose X to exit

Enter: [ X ]?x

Some fixes that may require the realization of manual operations, consult the readme files associated with fixed installed (and present in / UpdateManager / readme), to know if such operations must be performed.

Check for updates

From the Integration Server console - http: // server: port / - (default port 5555) choose the About link at the top right of the page and scroll down to the bottom and click on the Views link. You will notice the fixed names installed at the package level:

wm fixes Integration Server



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