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Smart Dash Cam 1S 1080P HD Night Vision

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1.70mai Lite is a new version of 70mai pro. It's a streamlined, more economical version.
There are two types: with and without GPS.
2.70mai Lite does not support voice control.
Application language support: English / Russian (later updated to Kr / JP / SP / PT)
3.70mai Lite (no card), it is recommended that you purchase the card with the device.
The built-in Sony star vis high-sensitivity image sensor enhances the night shooting effect of the dash cam, and can provide clearer image quality.
A 130 degree wide field of view multilane coverage can cover the entire front and three lanes (driving lanes and lanes on both sides) of your car. In the event of an accident, the dash cam will automatically record1 the condition of the adjacent lane.
In park mode, 70mai dash cam Pro enters sleep mode, but keeps monitoring the vehicle.
You can view historical images in real time or even download photos or videos to your phone.

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